Landings 2019-2020 Season
Year Month Pounds AVG. Price
2019 December 322,341 $3.07
2020 January 12,999,104 $3.48
February 4,324,161 $3.73
March 1,168,310 $3.59
Total 18,855,301 $3.54
Crabber Info
ODCC Public meeting September 19, 2019 ›

Meeting agenda for ODCC meeting in Astoria 9/19/19

ODCC marketing report from 3/4/19 meeting ›

If you were unable to attend the ODCC meeting held in Newport, OR on March 3, 2019, but are interested in some of the commission's marketing efforts over the past several months please check out the link to the PowerPoint slides from the report.

John Sackton Market Report for 2018 ›

On Thursday, November 2nd, 2017, John Sackton delivered his presentation on the outlook of the Dungeness crab fishery for 2018.

2017 John Sackton Report (video) ›

This is the Market Report that was video taped and put on YouTube

Notices to Fleet
USCG Marine Safety Information Bulletin - Novel Coronavirus update 3 17 2020 ›

Illness of a person onboard any vessel that may adversely affect the safety of a vessel or port facility is a hazardous condition per 33 CFR 160.216 and must be reported immediately to the U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP). Cases of persons who exhibit symptoms consistent with COVID-19 must be reported to the COTP.

The Coast Guard considers it a hazardous condition under 33 CFR 160.216 if anyone, regardless of where they have been or who they have interacted with, shows symptoms of COVID-19 or other flu like illness. This requires immediate notification to the nearest Coast Guard COTP.

Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission joins alliance to give fishermen stronger voice ›

As discussions of offshore wind development in the U.S. continue to progress, Pacific fishermen have expressed significant concern over the lack of communication and collaboration necessary to inform coexistence among ocean users. The RODA-Pacific Advisory Committee is comprised of leaders from several West Coast fisheries throughout California and Oregon. Its purpose is to improve science and policy approaches to development, while also increasing and improving communication to help strengthen ties between Pacific fishermen and fishing communities across the country.

ODFW October 2019 Crab Industry meetings - Whale Entanglement Risk Reduction Phase II ›

The focus of Phase II whale entanglement management measures is to help reduce risk of whale entanglements in crab gear by reducing the number of vertical lines in the water. To prepare for Phase II recommendations to the OFWC, the ODFW is hosting four regional Dungeness crab public industry meetings to solicit targeted input.

OSU buoy is AWOL ›

The OSU buoy off Coos Bay/Charleston (our designation CB06, USCG designator LLNR 612) stopped reporting via cell phone and 2 separate satellite systems on Saturday night, 4/6, about 8PM. This was during a stretch of nasty weather. The USCG has done a fly-over of the deployment location and not seen the buoy. (Click link for pic)

We would appreciate hearing of any sitings and locations.The last reported location from the buoy itself Saturday night 8PM was 43 deg 17.805 min N, 124 deg 32.051 min W.

Please contact Mike Kosro, Professor at or call 541-737-3079.

Anchored receivers deployed ›

Anchored receivers are being deployed off of Reedsport again this year. The anchored receivers will be out for about 3 weeks. They record fish that are carrying acoustic transmitters

Commercial Fishery Permit Board needs members ›

Currently there are several vacancies on the Commercial Fishery Permit boards and ODFW is hoping that permit holders are interested in serving as a member of a Commercial Fishery Permit Board. If you know of someone that would be an ideal candidate for one of the public positions, please have them contact ODFW for an application.

Whale Entanglement Workshop materials ›

Materials available from the Workshop in April

Wave Measurement Buoy Notice of Deployment ›

Lakeside/Reedsport Research Buoy location and notification

Commissioned study utilizing Bio-Economic Model to study whale entanglement mitigation proposals ›

This memorandum is to briefly describe results from using the Oregon Dungeness crab bio-economic model to assess economic impacts from proposed measures to reduce risk of fisheries gear whale entanglements.

Bio-Economic Model report ›

Report generated from the ODCC's funded research to produce a Bio-Economic model for the Oregon Dungeness crab fishery.

Bio-Economic RFP ›

Original RFP for research study

Bycatch Mortality Study ›

By Noelle Yochum, 2014

Shanks OIMB Research 2018 ›

Megalope return study

Shanks OIMB Research 2017 ›

Megalope return study

Genetic connectivity of Dungeness crab ›

Thesis defense on Dungeness study

Mating Success of Female Dungeness Crabs ›

Dr. Alan Shanks study for the commission

Current Domoic testing results ›

ODA Dungeness testing results

2019 "New" DA Letter to Processors ›

Letter for processors processing crab in 2019. from ODA

The Dungeness Dispatch, Volume 2, Issue 3 ›

Newsletter for the Oregon Dungeness crab fleet - dated October 16, 2019 (printable PDF version)

The Dungeness Dispatch, Volume 2, Issue 2 ›

Newsletter for the Oregon Dungeness crab fleet - dated August 2, 2019 (printable PDF version)

The Dungeness Dispatch, Volume 2, Issue 1 ›

Newsletter for the Oregon Dungeness crab fleet - dated February 25, 2019.

The Dungeness Dispatch, Volume 1, Issue 4 ›

Newsletter for our crab fishermen, Issue four - dated November 26, 2018.

The Dungeness Dispatch, Volume 1, Issue 3 ›

Newsletter for our crab fishermen, Issue three - dated August 24, 2018.

The Dungeness Dispatch, Volume 1, Issue 2 ›

Newsletter for our crab fishermen. Dated April 3, 2018

The Dungeness Dispatch, Volume 1, Issue 1 ›

Newsletter for our crab fishermen. Issue one - dated December 5, 2017.

11th Annual ODFW Dungeness Crab Fishery Newsletter - November 2019 ›

The 2018-19 Oregon Dungeness crab season "brought in $66.7 million dollars ex-vessel value, the second highest grossing season on record! Landings totaled 18.7 million pounds, approximately 9% above the 10-year average of 17.0 million pounds."

10th Annual ODFW Dungeness Crab Fishery Newsletter - November 2018 ›

The season "brought in a record breaking 74.2 million dollar ex-vessel value! Landings totaled 23.1 million pounds, about 31% above the 10-year average of 16 million pounds..."

9TH Annual ODFW Dungeness Crab Fishery Newsletter - November 2017 ›

"The 2016-17 Oregon Dungeness crab season brought in the highest ex-vessel value ever, totaling $62.7 million dollars! Landings totaled 20.4 million pounds, about 22% above the 10 year average of 16.0 million pounds..."