Promotional Materials

Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission

The Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission has a variety of ‘POS’ materials designed to introduce you and your customers to Oregon Dungeness crab. They are available in reasonable quantities (and depending on the item, for a nominal fee) to companies purchasing crab from an Oregon source of supply. Items include:

  • Industry Brochure
  • 4-color ‘Market Form’ sheet
  • Crab Bibs
  • Placemats
  • Crab Pins
  • “Sea to Plate” Video
  • Digital Images
  • “LOUIE” T-Shirts
  • Crab Crackers

LOUIE, the Crab Commission’s giant inflatable mascot is also available for targeted promotions and special events. He’s guaranteed to get attention wherever he parks his shell… Contact the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission office for more information on how to access any of the above-mentioned items at 541-267-5810

Promotional Videos/Commercials

Authorization Request Form

To carry out its mission, the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission will occasionally consider funding advertising, image campaigns, sponsorships, and other promotional projects conducted by outside organizations if the project(s) help to further advance that mission.

We will post requests for proposals to the Commission in this space, with clickable Authorization Request link to access and fill-out the ODCC Authorization Request Form.

The Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission’s fiscal year runs through June 30th.

Funding proposals may be accepted at other times during the Fiscal Year at the ODCC’s discretion.
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