About The Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission


The Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission (ODCC), established by an act of the Oregon Legislature in 1977, is an industry-funded agency and part of the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Commodity Commission Program. This unique program allows “growers” to tax themselves and then use the pooled funds to increase their commodity’s recognition, value and use.

The ODCC office is located in Coos Bay, on the southern Oregon coast. Funding comes from an assessment based on one percent of the catch value for all Dungeness crabs landed in the state. Those funds make up the entire budget for the Commission, and are used for a wide variety of projects relating to its stated mission and purpose.

The Commission has eight members, appointed from the industry by the Director of the Department of Agriculture. Five members are from the harvesting sector (crab fisherman) and two members represent crab processors. An eighth seat is for a public at large member. Commissioners are appointed to three-year terms. The Commission holds a minimum of four public business meetings a year, with day-to-day affairs conducted by the Executive Director and 1 staff member.


The Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission’s mission is to enhance the image of the Oregon Dungeness crab fishery through promotion, education and research. We strive to assist our fishery as it works to ensure a healthy ocean by maintaining the structure, productivity, function, and diversity of the ecosystem. Our commitment is to a sustainable fishery with long-term ecological benefits that will increase opportunities for success.

The Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission’s primary functions include:

Primary Functions

Marketing & Promotion
Targeted Promotions
“Point of Sale” Material
“Inflatable” Program
Trade Shows
Trade leads/ Contacts
Suppliers Guide
Market Data
Consumer Materials
Education & Research
Pre-Season Testing
“Crab Information” Classes & Group Presentations
ODCC Scholarship Programs
Funding of Industry Research projects


Kyle Horgan / Astoria*
(Term ends 06/30/24)
Mike Retherford / Newport (Interim Chair)
(Term ends 06/30/26)
Bob Eder / Astoria
(Term ends 06/30/25)
John Moody / Newport*
(Term ends 06/30/25)
Jared Reeves / Charleston
(Term ends 06/30/26)
Brian Nolte / Brookings
(Term ends 06/30/25)
Jacob "Jake" Fletcher / Charleston
(Term ends 06/30/24)
Leif Eric Benson / Public Member
(Term ends 06/30/24)
*Processor Representative


Crystal Adams / Executive Director
Rachel Plautz / Office Manager / Administrative Assistant


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Employment Opportunities

Season is open and vessels, processors, unloading facilities, and markets are all looking for employees if you are interested in getting into the crabbing business, please contact our office to be directed to the nearest facility hiring.