Landings 2016-2017 Season
Year Month Pounds AVG. Price
2016 December 1,470,729 $3.00
2017 January 11,872,880 $2.89
February 4,855,130 $2.95
March 960,927 $3.65
April 651,226 $4.97
May 301,279 $5.55
June 141,568 $5.06
July 97,681 $4.32
August 52,711 $4.44
Total 20,404,131 $4.09
Crabber Info
ODCC Conference call meeting ›

Conference call meeting to discuss/vote on items from 10/17/17 face to face meeting.

ODCC meeting ›

ODCC meeting to be held in Brookings, OR 10/17/17

Notices to Fleet
Permitted Derelict Gear Program starting soon ›

Information on season end and Post season derelict gear program

Survey on Harmful Algae Bloom event ›

Looking for coastal community members impacted by the 2015 fisheries closures to fill out survey.

Whale Entanglement Workshop materials ›

Materials available from the Workshop in April

Wave Measurement Buoy Notice of Deployment ›

Lakeside/Reedsport Research Buoy location and notification

Notice of Research Equipment ›

Measurement equipment will be off of Lakeside and Reedsport

2016 Sackton Market report Meeting announcement ›

Annual report Wednesday, November 2nd 9:00 am

NWS Needs Mariners Assistance ›

Information to contact NWS by text, email, phone and easy to read forecast from a cell phone

Bio-Economic Model report ›

Report generated from the ODCC's funded research to produce a Bio-Economic model for the Oregon Dungeness crab fishery.

Bio-Economic RFP ›

Original RFP for research study

Bycatch Mortality Study ›

By Noelle Yochum, 2014

Shanks OIMB Research ›

Megalope return study

Genetic connectivity of Dungeness crab ›

Thesis defense on Dungeness study

Mating Success of Female Dungeness Crabs ›

Dr. Alan Shanks study for the commission

Current Domoic testing results ›

ODA Dungeness testing results

State opens portion of Oregon to Commercial fishing ›

Oregon Partial opener information.

ODA letter for Processors ›

Letter for Processors HACCP - South of Cape Blanco

Map of South Coast open area ›

This map of the Oregon coast shows open and closed area for the Southern opener