Landings 2017-2018 Season
Year Month Pounds AVG. Price
2018 January 4,662,543 $2.82
February 13,832,368 $2.86
March 3,339,934 $4.04
April 607,506 $6.95
May 396,158 $6.92
June 147,724 $5.03
July 63,218 $4.75
August 5,314 $5.30
Total 23,161,347 $3.22
Crabber Info
ODCC Meeting - Newport - 09/05/18 ›

Regular Oregon Dungeness crab meeting September 5, 2018. See attached agenda and meeting notice

2017 John Sackton Report (video) ›

This is the Market Report that was video taped and put on YouTube

John Sackton Market Report for 2018 ›

On Thursday, November 2nd, 2017, John Sackton delivered his presentation on the outlook of the Dungeness crab fishery for 2018.

ODCC Conference call meeting ›

Conference call meeting to discuss/vote on items from 10/17/17 face to face meeting.

ODCC meeting ›

ODCC meeting to be held in Brookings, OR 10/17/17

Notices to Fleet
Anchored receivers deployed ›

Anchored receivers are being deployed off of Reedsport again this year. The anchored receivers will be out for about 3 weeks. They record fish that are carrying acoustic transmitters

Commercial Fishery Permit Board needs members ›

Currently there are several vacancies on the Commercial Fishery Permit boards and ODFW is hoping that permit holders are interested in serving as a member of a Commercial Fishery Permit Board. If you know of someone that would be an ideal candidate for one of the public positions, please have them contact ODFW for an application.

Summer Season Notice NEW ›

Weekly trip limits start the 2nd Monday in June. June 11th, 2018

Survey on Harmful Algae Bloom event ›

Looking for coastal community members impacted by the 2015 fisheries closures to fill out survey.

Whale Entanglement Workshop materials ›

Materials available from the Workshop in April

Wave Measurement Buoy Notice of Deployment ›

Lakeside/Reedsport Research Buoy location and notification

Notice of Research Equipment ›

Measurement equipment will be off of Lakeside and Reedsport

Bio-Economic Model report ›

Report generated from the ODCC's funded research to produce a Bio-Economic model for the Oregon Dungeness crab fishery.

Bio-Economic RFP ›

Original RFP for research study

Bycatch Mortality Study ›

By Noelle Yochum, 2014

Shanks OIMB Research ›

Megalope return study

Genetic connectivity of Dungeness crab ›

Thesis defense on Dungeness study

Mating Success of Female Dungeness Crabs ›

Dr. Alan Shanks study for the commission

ODFW issues announcement on delay of commercial crab season ›

Commercial Dungeness crab season will be moved back to, at least, December 31st, 2017.

Current Domoic testing results ›

ODA Dungeness testing results

The Dungeness Dispatch, Issue 3 ›

Newsletter for our crab fishermen, Issue three - dated August 24, 2018.

The Dungeness Dispatch, Issue 2 ›

Newsletter for our crab fishermen. Issue two - dated April 3, 2018.

The Dungeness Dispatch ›

Newsletter for our crab fishermen. Issue one - dated December 5, 2017.

9TH Annual ODFW Dungeness Crab Fishery Newsletter - November 2017 ›

"The 2016-17 Oregon Dungeness crab season brought in the highest ex-vessel value
ever, totaling $62.7 million dollars! Landings totaled 20.4 million pounds, about 22%
above the 10 year average of 16.0 million pounds..."