Avocado Crab Cocktail, with Ramp Thousand Island

Chef Naomi Pomeroy, Beast
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Ramp Thousand Island Dressing

50 g. Kewpie mayo (best to use Japanese mayonnaise, but can substitute regular mayonnaise if needed)
35 g. Heinz Chili Sauce (don’t substitute this, but can increase the ketchup slightly, if needed)
25 g. Heinz Ketchup
2 g. garlic, grated on a fine microplane
25 g. sauteed ramps (or substitute sautéed leeks, or use garlic chives)
30 g. grated prepared hot horseradish
1 g. lemon zest
7 g. lemon juice

Crab and Avocado

Dungeness crab leg meat, cooked and chilled
Ripe avocado, carefully sliced

Ramp Thousand Island Dressing

Mix ingredients for dressing together. If you don’t own a gram scale, just do it to taste.


Arrange crab and perfect avocado interspersed with dressing over crushed ice.